WordPress is the worst.

2 04 2011

WordPress is the worst because I can’t even modify the CSS of the theme I’m using to add my own background without paying to upgrade my account, and this is a terrible thing, why is wordpress being all closed and annoying like Apple. We should be using tumblr instead of wordpress, because even though tumblr’s userbase is generally terrible, and tumblr’s content is 90% “funny pictures” and 9% “something funnny/interesting/nobodycares happened to me today”, at least it’s actually a good, easily customisable platform that is simpler to use than wordpress, looks and functions better but instead we are stuck using wordpress which is the worst and it makes me very grumpy at times.






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11 04 2011
Reflections on Group Blog Posts « Rmitmusic Blog

[…] The Patientau prefers Tumblr to WordPress (“WordPress is the worst”), citing Tumblr’s easier customisation options and the payment required to edit CSS on the hosted wordpress.com version we are using. (Note: A free and fully customisable WordPress version is also available for people who wish to host it themselves.) What do other users of both Tumblr + WordPress feel? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of each in relation to the music industry? Why do you think we have chosen to use wordpress? […]

15 04 2011
steve roggenbuck

i agree i had the same problem with wordpress.

blogger allows you to edit the css
also tumblr is kind of hot right now, with reblogging and everything
you might want to look into tumblr. you can edit it on there too

15 04 2011

I do have a tumblr page (don’t really use it at the moment), but I have to use this wordpress one as it is the main assessment point for one of my courses at uni.

3 06 2011
FINISHED!!!!!!!!!! « Piper at the Gates of Dawn

[…] 3. The Experimento pages very contriversial post Word press is the worst. […]

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